Personal care products for babies

Made only with natural and worry-free ingredients, our baby leavesTM collection includes a practical 2-in-1 Natural Shampoo and Body Wash, a hydrating Natural Lotion and an ultra-nourishing Natural Cream to soothe and repair rough patches. We’ve also added a fun foamy Bubble Wash, a Natural Air Purifier and a protective Natural Diaper Cream to block out moisture and keep baby nice and dry.

Our EWG Promise

The baby leavesTM line of products is proudly EWG VERIFIEDTM. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) helps consumers make informed decisions, promoting natural and safe products that don’t pose any health risks. ATTITUDE offers worry-free products to give your family the peace of mind they deserve.

Blueberry leaf –
offering natural protection

Super blueberry leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals and are known for their remarkable soothing and protective properties. Ideal for babies, they offer natural protection for even the most delicate skin.


Every day, we’re exposed to environmental pollution. Through a process called “oxidative stress,” pollution can cause damage to baby’s skin and hair. Our personal care products contain moringa seed extract; the moringa tree is commonly referred to as the “miracle tree.” The active ingredient in this extract helps block pollutants from adhering to and penetrating your skin and hair. Plus, it has powerful cleansing and purifying properties.

Banner baby with parent
Natural buuble wash

Day Collection

Get a fresh start to your day with the soft and sunny aroma of pear nectar. You can cleanse your baby’s body and hair while protecting their delicate skin thanks to these gentle and hypoallergenic daily essentials.

Banner 2-in-1 natural body wash

Other delightful aromas

Our 2-in-1 Natural Shampoo and Body Wash also comes in two irresistible fruity scents: Orange and pomegranate (invigorating) and sweet apple (refreshing).

2-in-1 natural shampoo
Banner gamme nuit
Natural body cream

Night Collection

From bath time to snuggle time, our nighttime products are the perfect complement to your child’s bedtime routine. With their chamomile extracts and sweet almond milk scent, these natural personal care products are made exclusively from worry-free ingredients. You and your baby can finally get the rest you need.

Banner protection baby

Protect your baby from top to bottom

Our Natural Baby Diaper Cream uses mineral-based ingredients like zinc to help create an impermeable physical barrier, repelling moisture and preventing skin irritation. It also includes chamomile and shea butter extracts to soothe, protect and hydrate delicate bottoms after diaper changes and baths.

protection bébé

Did you know?

A growing body of evidence is showing that exposure to various chemical products – present in consumer goods, personal care products, food, water and more – can have a detrimental effect on children’s development. In fact, exposure to a number of chemical products can disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system. To prevent and reduce the risk of childhood illness and endocrine disorders, it is recommended to use products with safe and worry-free ingredients.

Mener B., John. “Exposure to Environmental Endocrine Disruptors and Child Development.” Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 166.6 (2012): E1-E6. Web.