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Sustainable Gift Guide | For Safe & Soft Holidays

The holiday season is shaping up to be quite different this year, and many of us might be spending this usually festive and comforting time away from our loved ones, due to the currently raging pandemic. But let's not give up! There are many ways to show those we love that their happiness is important to us: write them affectionate letters or emails, perform small acts of kindness from a distance, call them to let them know that we are thinking of them and offer them holiday gifts that respect their personal values.

Together, let's prove that the expression "out of sight, out of mind" has it all wrong, with our eco-responsible and safe gift sets designed to simplify these challenging times.

5 Liquid Hand Soap Bundle

If one universal truth has been confirmed in the last few months, it is that washing our hands often is essential and important, for our own health and for that of our loved ones. Make it easier and more enjoyable for them with this set of five natural hand soaps with various aromas. And with five bottles, it's easy to leave one at every sink! Our hand soap contains moringa seeds extracts, an ingredient known for its anti-pollution properties. It is also dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and EWG VERIFIED™. It is as close to perfection as it can get, don't you think?

Soft Hands Bundle

Do you have loved ones with particularly sensitive skin, or who have to wash their hands frequently and assiduously because of their job? We have exactly what they need: a duo of natural hand soap and moisturizer specially designed for the most delicate skin types. Enriched with ingredients meticulously chosen for their calming properties, these two favorite products will soothe their delicate skin and restore it to its original softness. This winning combo comes in four different versions options, all enriched with emollient vegetable oils.

Hand Essentials 

Cleaning, sanitizing and moisturizing are the key steps for clean hands! Show your loved ones that their health is your priority with this set containing hand wash, hand sanitizer and hand cream; all in the perfect size for people when they’re on the go! Plus, this set is available in all of our natural Super leaves™ flavors fragrances. 

Clean Hands Essentials

For those for whom personal well-being comes hand in hand with that of the planet, this set of two essentials and their refill is a wise choice. Hand soap and sanitizer have never had a more prominent place in our lives, so make sure they're prepared for any eventuality by choosing this gift set in their favorite natural fragrance. 

Liquid Hand Soap + Eco-Refill Eco-Packaging Bundle

Do you have big bulk fans in your entourage? Now is the time to introduce them to a homemade refilling system! Give them the opportunity to fill their favorite soap containers from the comfort of their own home. Surprise them with a duo that includes a bottle of foaming hand soap and its refill, available in three pleasant natural scents. Your green friends will thank you for helping them reduce their plastic use. And maybe this will inspire them to create a complete bulk station at home! 

The end of year festivities should be a special time to remind everyone we love that we are there for them, even from afar. Sending them a thoughtful holiday gift package that's gentle on the planet and on their bodies is a good way to warm their hearts even if we can't hug them just yet.

If you believe that locally made and sustainable products are the way to go in order to achieve a greener future, and you want to spread this awareness to your friends and family this Holiday season, we have just the gifts you need.

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