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our promise

Curious about what’s in our products? At ATTITUDE, we are committed to giving you the tools to live consciously by using natural ingredients. All of our household and personal care products are created with materials that have the least impact possible on you, your family and the environment — from development to down-the-drain.

All of our suppliers must also provide certifications to prove their products are free of ingredients of concern, according to international scientific databases like Environmental Working Group’s (EWG).

Always safe, never sorry.

We thoroughly analyze every ingredient and by-product before they make it into our bottles. And because we know you’re as curious as we are, we are fully transparent with our development criteria and process.

How do we guarantee the quality of our ingredients?

ATTITUDE is vertically integrated, which helps us ensure our worry-free promise is always kept. We control all aspects of development, production and manufacturing, and it all starts in our in-house lab.

- Hans Drouin, PhD, Vice President and Director of R&D at ATTITUDE

Our process

Our lab is our lives.

ATTITUDE products are a reflection of our real lives — not research and market studies. As we explore and experience everyday wonders, we are inspired to innovate. We think if our family needs something, so will yours.

Being vertically integrated and privately owned, we control the entire production process, from material sourcing to manufacturing to marketing. Constantly inspired to innovate and improve, an idea can go from our brains to a bottle at the speed of an epiphany.

Having an in-house lab is unusual, if not unique, for a personal care company. It has turned our team of scientists into industry experts and gives us complete control over ingredients, process and quality. This ensures we always adhere to our worry-free promises, development criteria and certifications — meaning you never have to wonder about industrial impurities or ingredients of concern.

Manufacturing matters.

During manufacturing, we use renewable power sources and recycle thermal energy to heat our warehouses and production areas.

ATTITUDE’s bottles and containers are recyclable and made from post-consumer and post-production materials. We even re-use rejected recyclable waste.