Together, let's make sustainable wellness a way of life.

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

ATTITUDE is on a global mission to inspire everyone to lead a healthy yet sustainable lifestyle. We know we are not alone. Join us and let's live consciously together.

You are loyal customer of our brand and passionate about doing your part to make the world a better place? Join our Ambassador Program and together let's make sustainable wellness a way of life!

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The perks

✔ Exclusive offers

✔ Input on product and early access to new product releases

✔ Offer $10 off to your friends and family to help them discover ATTITUDE.

✔ Receive a 10% commission in product credits for each friend who completes an order.

✔ A showcase on our social media channels

✔ Be part of a passionate and eco-conscious community

✔ Help us make sustainable well-being a way of life!

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Your mission as ambassador

It's easy to be an ambassador for a brand you love!

✔ Share ATTITUDE's mission on your social networks by creating original content (photos, videos or blog posts).

✔ Share ATTITUDE content with friends and family to promote the brand.

✔ Invite your community to try our products using your unique promotional code!

✔ Participate in product development, surveys, content and product testimonials.

✔ Promote sustainable well-being!

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How does it work?

You share our mission and you are active on social media or you have a blog?

1 - Apply by filling out our application form.

2 - If your application is successful, you will receive by email the link to activate your ambassador account, the Ambassador Guide and all the tools necessary to fully play your new role as an ambassador!

3 - You will also get a unique promotional code and URL link to share with your community. These will allow you to offer your friends $10 off a first online purchase. For each friend who completes an order, you will receive a commission of 10% in product credits.

4 - And most importantly, you will be part of a passionate and committed community. You will help us to share our mission of a healthier and more sustainable world!

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