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#PlasticFreeJuly | 18 tips for reducing single-use plastic

While the zero-waste movement is gaining momentum, most of us find ourselves a little helpless when it comes to reducing our use of single-use plastics on a daily basis. Where do we start? How do we go about it? It can sometimes be difficult to find one's way in a society that is still fundamentally oriented towards the use of this practical but polluting material.

The #PlasticFreeJuly initiative aims to make everyone aware of the possibility to significantly reduce our use of plastic by being resourceful. You just have to search for the hashtag on social networks to discover thousands of tips, from the easiest to the most advanced. We are then encouraged to make July a plastic-free month, i.e. to try not to generate any plastic waste for the whole month and to consume as little plastic as possible.

We've decided to list our favorite tips here, to get you started with your own plastic-free July challenge!

ATTITUDE Living bulk eco-refills

Some statistics about plastic 

What better way to motivate yourself than to visualize in numbers* what our plastic consumption represents?

- Approximately 70,000 particles of micro-plastic are consumed per person annually.

- 1 million marine animals die each year due to plastic pollution.

- Plastic takes 500 to 1000 years to decompose.

- Approximately 91% of plastic is not recycled.

- Approximately 73% of the trash found on beaches worldwide is plastic.

- Humans produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste each year... and this percentage is increasing by about 9% annually.

- Globally, about 500 trillion plastic bags are used each year ....

- ...and 40 trillion disposable utensils are used and thrown away during the same period.

- 50% of the plastic produced in a year is single-use, so it is only used for a few minutes before being thrown away.

- There are approximately 200 million tons of plastic waste in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Tips and tricks to drastically reduce our use of single-use plastic

Convinced that our addiction to plastic must end? Great! We have some tips to help you!


  1. Refuse plastic straws.
  2. Carry reusable utensils.
  3. Bring containers for leftovers or take-out orders at restaurants.
  4. Carry a thermos cup for hot drinks and a bottle for water.
  5. Refuse plastic bags and always carry a reusable bag with you or in the car.
  6. Buy food in bulk and carry your own containers when we can.
  7. Refill your household essentials and personal care products. (And it's even easier when you can do it without leaving the house with our eco-refills!)
  8. Use cloth diapers.
  9. Transition to reusable sanitary products (for those who menstruate) such as menstrual cups or unties and washable sanitary pads.
  10. Seek out plastic-free alternatives to your personal care products, such as zero plastic deodorants and sunscreen. (Pssssst! Ours are incredibly effective and easy to use!)
  11. Replace sandwich or freezer bags with sustainable alternatives.
  12. Use waxed cloth wraps or reusable dish covers instead of plastic wrap.
  13. Discontinue the use of disposable razors in favor of a single-blade reusable razor.
  14. Use a natural loofah instead of a plastic shower puff.
  15. Buy natural biodegradable dishwashing brushes and sponges.
  16. Use a bamboo toothbrush and biodegradable dental floss in a reusable and refillable container.
  17. Treat small cuts and wounds with biodegradable bandages.
  18. Avoid ready-made meals and frozen foods... besides, it's much more nutritious and satisfying to cook yourself from healthy ingredients! (But we totally understand if you don't have the time and energy or accessibility to fresh produce!) 

ATTITUDE Living plastic-free deodorant

ATTITUDE is committed to offering more sustainable and plastic-free alternatives

As a company, it is always useful to share tips on how to reduce our individual use of single-use plastics, but it is even better to lead by example! ATTITUDE® believes that reducing single-use plastic in our daily routine can make a real difference and wants to help make sustainable and eco-friendly products more accessible. That is why we have introduced several sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging in the last few years.

It all started with the introduction of our Eco-Refills for household and personal care products, designed so that you can refill your essentials from the comfort of your home. These refills with fully recyclable boxes save up to 92% plastic!

Plastic-free zinc-based sun sticks and natural deodorants in biodegradable paper tubes were the next innovations to make your daily routine more eco-friendly... and more enjoyable! With gentle, effective formulas, smooth, creamy textures and pleasant scents, they have quickly become a must-have.

We are committed to developing even more plastic-free products and we already have several exciting projects in development... stay tuned! Happy plastic-free July!



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