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Baby Shampoo & Body Soap

Unscented | 85g




Fragrance - Unscented



Cleanses & protects


Ultra gentle

No added fragrance

Solid Baby Shampoo & Body Soap

Solid shampoo & body soap is a baby care essential formulated with 93.4% naturally derived ingredients* including blueberry leaf extract with protective and soothing properties.

Ideal for baby’s delicate skin, this unscented 2-in-1 also contains coconut oil, an ingredient known to promote softness and radiance. The softening and nourishing action of almond oil soothes and comforts dry skin. Dermatologically tested, it leaves hair and skin clean.

Its formula is EWG VERIFIED™ and vegan. This 2-in-1 is carefully packaged in a zero-plastic, recyclable cardboard box.

*According to ISO 16128.
**The packaging may differ slightly from the visuals on this page.

  • 2-in-1 Unscented Shampoo & Body Soap formulated to gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin and scalp
  • Solid shampoo and body wash made with 93.4% naturally sourced ingredients
  • Formulated with soothing and protective ingredients like almond oil and blueberry leaf extract
  • Enriched with coconut oil, which penetrates the hair shaft while boosting softness and radiance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Available in sweet almond or unscented for sensitive skin
  • EWG VERIFIED™ : clean ingredients and full transparency
  • 100% vegan
  • Revolutionary plastic-free package made of FSC-Certified biodegradable cardboard from responsibly managed forests
Our Key Ingredients
Ingredient Blueberry Leaf ATTITUDE
BLUEBERRY LEAF EXTRACTKnown for its soothing and protective properties.
Almond Oil Ingredient ATTITUDE
ALMOND OILSoothes and comforts dry skin
COCONUT OILBoosts hair softness and radiance.
Ingredient list
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (surfactant)
  • Cetearyl Alcohol (foam boosting)
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (skin conditioning)
  • Stearic Acid (surfactant)
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil (skin conditioning)
  • Sodium Coco-Sulfate (surfactant)
  • Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax (skin conditioning)
  • Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil (emollient)
  • Vaccinium Myrtillus (Blueberry) Leaf Extract (skin conditioning)
Clean ingredients to minimize your impact on your health & the planet
Plastic-free and recyclable packaging to reduce plastic waste
One tree planted for each product sold

Moisten, gently rub on a washcloth or on baby’s skin, then rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse with water.

Store below 32°C. Keep away from water between uses to let dry. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Star ingredients

Our baby leaves bars are developed with the highest standards of quality and transparency, using only clean and high-performance ingredients for your little-ones delicate skin.


Same ritual. Zero plastic.

Frequently asked questions

Our baby leaves™ range is specifically designed to meet the skin care needs of newborns aged 0-2 years. These products are formulated with delicate fragrances and gentle ingredients that can also benefit older consumers with sensitive skin.

There is no risk of bacteria proliferation associated with the solid format of our products. In fact, they do not contain added water, which is often a cause of contamination in conventional products. Therefore, our solid products are considered stable and hygienic. However, it is important to apply the diaper cream on clean skin and to wipe the product between each use.