94,3% Natural origin

Oceanly - Phyto-Cleanse

Solid Face Cleanser with Peptides

Unscented | 8.5g




Format - 8.5g - 30 uses (15 days)



All skin types

Cleanses gently



Seaweed extract

Skin comfort

Solid Face Cleanser with Peptides

PHYTO-CLEANSE face cleansing stick blends three powerful ingredients that help rid the skin of impurities and dirt without leaving it dry: laminaria digitata extract from algae with revitalizing properties, peptides to regenerate the skin’s natural moisture barrier and glycerine for maintaining soft and supple skin. The result: a naturally cleansed face that feels silky smooth.
Performance-driven, EWG VERIFIED™, vegan, cruelty- and plastic-free, packaged in a biodegradable cardboard tube from sustainably managed forests, this face wash is as gentle on skin as it is on the environment.

The packaging may differ slightly from the visuals on this page.

  • EWG approved solid formula with powerful skin cleansing properties
  • Enriched with natural ingredients like laminaria digitata extract from algae with revitalizing properties, peptides to rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier and glycerine to moisturize the skin
EWG VERIFIED™: Clean ingredients and full transparency
PETA certified: 100% vegan
Comes in a revolutionary plastic-free package made of FSC® -certified biodegradable cardboard.
Our Key Ingredients
PEPTIDESPeptides qui reconstituent la barrière d’hydratation.
Laminaria digitata clean ingredient ATTITUDE
LAMINARIA DIGITATALaminaria digitata extract from algae with revitalizing properties
Glycerin - Clean ingrdient - ATTITUDE
GLYCERINGlycerin to maintain natural moisture
Ingredient list
  • glycerin (humectant, skin conditioning)
  • sodium cocoyl isethionate (cleansing, surfactant)
  • aqua / water / eau (solvent)
  • coco-glucoside (cleansing, foaming, surfactant)
  • fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack) extract (emollient, skin conditioning, smoothing, soothing)
  • laminaria digitata extract (skin protecting)
  • caprylhydroxamic acid (chelating)
  • hydrolyzed soy protein (humectant, skin conditioning)
  • glyceryl caprylate (emollient, emulsifying)
  • rice amino acids (skin conditioning)
  • hydrolyzed adansonia digitata (baobab) seed extract (Skin conditioning)
  • L-proline (skin conditioning)
Clean ingredients to minimize the impact on your health and the planet
Biodegradable & compostable packaging to reduce plastic waste
One tree planted for each product sold

How to recycle:

Step 1: Push hard under the applicator.

Step 2: Remove any stuck product residue.

Step 3: Check if the compostable cardboard is accepted.

Step 4: If yes, cut the stick and compost.

Step 5: If not, throw in the recycling.



Cleanser + scrub + mask









Tinted cream

How: Push tube. Apply product to clean, dry hands, then run hands under water to lather. Massage onto face for deep cleansing, then rinse with water

Where: Face and neck.

When: Use in the morning and evening.

Store at a temperature below 32°C. Do not allow package to come into contact with water. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Frequently asked questions

All our products have ingredients that complement each other. Your ritual can be composed of different types of products in order to have the best of each range. There is no restriction in the use of different products nor in the order of application.

All our products are dermatologically tested. They have been tested for potential skin irritation during use and have been found to be non-irritating. However, if you have very reactive and sensitive skin, we recommend that you do a patch test before using the products on your skin.

Our Oceanly line does not have added fragrances. If some products have a light smell, it naturally comes from the ingredients we use. Some have a stronger smell, such as algea and sea mud.

Cardboard does not like water or humidity! We therefore do not recommend using the products in the shower. Moreover, avoid applying the product on wet or damp skin. 

Our formulas and packaging are biodegradable. The ability to biodegrade within landfills helps to reduce the buildup of waste, contributing to a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

We cannot confirm that our Oceanly skincare products are non-comedogenic, as we have not initiated any external lab testing on the finished products. However, our ingredients were chosen with non-comedogenic properties in mind, which means they do not clog pores. In addition, our extensive in-house testing has found no comedogenic effects.