Jojoba protein
December 13, 2023Jojoba protein

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What is Jojoba protein?

Native to semi – desert landscapes of southern Arizona and California, this shrub can thrive for as long as two centuries. Jojoba protein is obtained through the combination of an alkaline flour solution with jojoba oil.

The benefits of Jojoba protein

Similar to jojoba oil, protein is recognized as a clean ingredient according to EWG, with important benefits for the skin. It revitalizes the skin, restoring its suppleness and keeping it in good condition. Additionally, it offers a multitude of benefits for hair, improving its look and texture.

How to use Jojoba protein?

Jojoba protein is used in our super leaves™ vegan hair care products, leaving hair manageable, supple, soft and shiny. Additionally, it helps increase hair volume and texture for exceptional styling results !

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