January 4, 2024Oat extract

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Oats are one of the world's oldest cereals, cultivated since at least 2000 BC. It was originally consumed as cattle feed, before being incorporated into the human diet.

What is Oat extract?

The exact origins of oats remain uncertain, but evidence suggests that this cereal is indigenous to the Mediterranean region. Initially regarded as a weed by the Romans, it was later incorporated into human diets, gaining popularity as a staple breakfast food in northern regions like Scotland and Ireland.

The benefits of Oat extract

In addition to its use in various culinary preparations, oats have numerous benefits, especially for the skin. This clean ingredient according to EWG, enhances the appearance of dry skin and restores its suppleness. Furthermore, it helps maintain a soft, smooth, and flexible skin texture.

How to use Oat extract?

Oat extract is the central ingredient in our Oatmeal sensitive™ vegan body and hair care range. Rich in antioxidants, it is renowned for soothing skin discomfort and itching caused by dryness. Its emollient properties make it ideal for even the most delicate skin.

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