Papaya leaves extract
January 4, 2024Papaya leaves extract

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Around 500 different varieties of papaya are grown around the world. Scientifically known as Carica papaya, this exotic fruit is prized for its sweet, delicate flesh, which is distinguished by its bright orange hue.

What is papaya leaves extract?

Originally hailing from tropical America, likely originating in southern Mexico and Central America, papaya has traversed the globe over centuries through trade. Presently, it is cultivated in regions such as the Caribbean and Asia.

The benefits of papaya leaves extract

Nowadays, papaya stands as one of the most extensively cultivated crops globally. Beyond its fruit, papaya leaves, classified as a clean ingredient by EWG standards, present a myriad of benefits and can be consumed through infusions. Functioning as a skin tonic, this ingredient restores the skin's suppleness and contributes keeping it in good condition.

How to use papaya leaves extract?

Papaya leaf extract is used in our vegan hair care products for textured hair in the super leaves™ range. It revitalizes the skin of the scalp and brings a feeling of well-being to the hair.

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