Safflower oil
December 13, 2023Safflower oil

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Safflower, known since antiquity for its blossoms, is valued for the natural pigments found in its flowers. In the past, its petals were conventionally employed in the creation of yellow and red dyes for textiles and culinary purposes.

What is Safflower oil?

Scientifically called Carthamus tinctorius, this plant is native to the Middle East (Central Turkey and Iran). The safflower oil we use in cosmetics is in fact extracted from its seeds.

The benefits of Safflower oil

Safflower oil contains precious benefits for the skin. The vitamin K in its composition acts favourably on skin redness¹ linked to dryness. Also rich in omega-6, it protects the skin's natural moisture barrier.

How to use Safflower oil?

Also known as "false saffron", safflower was originally used for its powerful pigments. In recent years, this EWG clean ingredient has become widely appreciated in cosmetics. Find it in our Oceanly™ vegan skincare product, used to keep skin in good condition.

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