Yellow clay
January 4, 2024Yellow clay

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Did you know that yellow clay derives its characteristic colour from the various minerals it contains? It contains iron, iron oxides and trace elements that give it its hue.

What is yellow clay?

Yellow clay, also referred to as illite yellow clay, is commonly sourced from natural deposits dispersed across different regions worldwide. The composition of this clean ingredient according to EWG, varies based on the specific geology of the extraction site. Deposits are prevalent in regions such as Provence, France, and Morocco.

The benefits of yellow clay

This clay has absorbent and adsorbent properties that help regulate the amount of sebum in the skin.

How to use yellow clay?

The detoxifying effectiveness of yellow clay makes it a favoured ingredient in the Detox vegan shampoo from the Leaves bar™ range. Thanks to its properties, it purifies the scalp, regulates excess sebum, and cleanses.

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