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December 28, 2023My 2024 resolution: Consume better

14 concrete actions I’ll be undertaking to conquer overconsumption

To ring in the New Year, I made an important resolution: I’ve decided to consume better. We’re talking about a huge challenge for a shopaholic like me… but I feel ready to take it on. The gloves are off. It’s now or never. The dawn of 2024 is when my fight against overconsumption officially begins.

I’ve recently learned some troubling facts on the consumption habits of people living in developed countries: For instance, did you know that more than 80% of the world's natural resources are used by only 20% of its population1?; and even worse, if the entire world consumed at the rate of the Canadian, Luxembourg and American populations, it would require five planets to fulfill all of humanity's needs2! The environmental footprint of people like me is among the worst in the world… and I must confess that it’s been keeping me up at night.

That’s why I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. Although I don't plan on going without heat or electricity in the middle of February, I have compiled several simple things that I can do year-round to keep my resolution intact.

1. Become a recycling (or even an upcycling) pro

2024 resolution consume better recycling ATTITUDE

Of the 300 million tonnes of plastic that is produced annually, only 9% is recycled. That’s partly because good recycling practices are all-too-often ignored. In 2024, I pledge to learn how to properly recycle the packaging of products I purchase and, whenever possible, reusing or even upcycling them.

Here’s an excellent source to better understand the differences between recycling / reusing / upcycling, all of which are based on the same desire to protect the environment.

2. Say “goodbye” to single-use plastic

2024 resolution consume better single-use plastic ATTITUDE

Of those 300 million tonnes of plastic, about half are single-use plastic items, meaning they’re usually only used for a few minutes and then end up in the trash. I am declaring – once and for all – that I am done with these environmental catastrophes! Goodbye, water bottles. So long, fruit and vegetable bags. Adios, disposable iced coffee glasses.

From now on, I will have my insulated bottle, my coffee mug and my cloth bags in my backpack at all times, all of which are reusable.

3. Show some love towards biodegradable products

2024 resolution consume better biodegradable products ATTITUDE

Whenever possible, I will be using products whose packaging is biodegradable, meaning the packaging can naturally decompose via living organisms in less than six months. I’ve already had a head start in this department after I fell in love with ATTITUDE's plastic-free skincare and makeup a few months ago.

In addition to being offered in biodegradable cardboard tubes, these beauty products are formulated with more than 92.9% plant- and mineral-origin ingredients and are completely biodegradable.

4. Go with aluminum when no biodegradable solution is available

2024 resolution consume better aluminum ATTITUDE

Why aluminum? Because it’s much greener than plastic! In fact, it’s one of the most easily recyclable materials, meaning more than 75% of all aluminum produced remains in use today3. More and more brands are replacing their plastic packaging with aluminum containers: For instance, these gorgeous bottles of essential oil-based body and hair care products can be refilled over and over and over again. I absolutely LOVE the ones that adorn my bathroom counter!

5. Buy in bulk

2024 resolution consume better eco-refills ATTITUDE

Linking large format items to the fight against overconsumption may seem contradictory. However, for products that take a long time to expire (rice, shower gel, shampoo, household products, etc.), it is an eco-responsible strategy. For instance, certain bulk formats like these 2 litre eco-refills use up to 80% less plastic than their bottled equivalents!

6. Adopt active transportation

2024 resolution consume better active transportation ATTITUDE

It’s showtime: I’ve got my ice grippers and my studded bike tires at the ready. In the name of environmental protection (but also efficiency), I will now combine travel and physical activity all year-round.

7. Discover second-hand stores

2024 resolution consume better second-hand stores ATTITUDE

The clothing industry is annually responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, 85% of textiles end up in landfills the very same year they were produced. These two daunting statistics were enough to convince me it's high time to go easy on shopping (do I really need 36 sweaters to survive winter?) and to check out second-hand stores when I’m inclined to spoil myself a little. It’s yet another step towards countering overconsumption!

8. Be creative in the kitchen

2024 resolution consume better active kitchen ATTITUDE

Here's another upsetting fact: Canada is a food-waste champion. In 2019, three million tonnes of food found its way into the trash in our beautiful country4. In 2024, I will take on the challenge of finding – or creating – new, original, fridge-emptying recipes.

9. Lower the heat

2024 resolution consume better lower heat ATTITUDE

I said earlier that I would not deprive myself of home heating, and that remains true. However, as Hydro-Québec recommends, I will lower the temperature in each room of my home by 1°C: This will give me an opportunity to wear my collection of sweaters, as well as reducing my hydro bill. Talk about a win-win!

10. Take shorter baths and showers

2024 resolution consume better shorter shower ATTITUDE

Water heating is the second-largest cause of electricity overconsumption following home heating. While I'm nowhere near ready to stand under ice-cold water every night, I'm open to the idea of shortening my time in the bath or shower.

11. Make my own candles

2024 resolution consume better candles ATTITUDE

I don’t know about you, but aromatic candles are my safe place. I love lighting up as many as possible to create a calming, soothing atmosphere in my home. The only problem is I end up putting dozens of glass jars in the recycling bin! While recycling is good, reusing is even better. Instead of forever buying new candles, I will make them myself using soy wax, essential oils, and the jars I already have.

12. Eat less meat

2024 resolution consume better eat less meat ATTITUDE

According to a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations report, livestock production (such as beef, chicken, cows and pork) ranks among the leading causes of one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems: It is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of the deforestation of the Amazon5. That was all it took for me to decide to reduce my meat consumption.

Fortunately, there are oodles of vegan recipes on the web, like this fantastic vegan tourtière from The Boudhist Chef. It’s perfect for the holiday season!

13. Hold onto to my phone

2024 resolution consume better phone ATTITUDE

Do we really (really) need a new phone every year or every other year? Absolutely not, unless you’re the type to constantly drop yours from the fifth floor. E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world: In 2019, the world produced 53.6 million tonnes of electronic equipment waste6. My take: So long as my electronic devices work, I will rally against planned obsolescence. And hey, vintage is in anyways.

14. Think twice before making a purchase

2024 resolution consume better eco-friendly ATTITUDE

Does an eco-friendlier option exist? Is the packaging recyclable or, better still, is it biodegradable? Can a friend lend me hers? Can I create it at home? And, most importantly: Do I really need it? Before I buy anything, I’ll ask myself all these fundamental questions ensuring I stay on track with my resolution.

Who’s with me? To learn more about the importance of tackling overconsumption, check out these interesting articles:

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