Clean ingredients: how to best use ATTITUDE cleaners
March 6, 2024How to Choose the Right Cleaner

Today, many of us worry about air quality, water pollution and the effects that the products we use can have on our health. Finding a good cleaning product has become a real headache!


ATTITUDE offers a line of performing and effective, reassuring products made without ingredients of concern according to EWG. Discover the user guide for our household products from the Nature + Technology range to help you choose the most suitable one based on the surface you want to clean. 



Meet the Nature + Technology™ Cleaners 


All-Purpose Cleaner 


Its purpose: All-purpose cleaner that can be used on several types of surfaces.


Its action: It contains effective mineral and plant-based ingredients such as saponin, a powerful cleansing agent of natural origin, and surfactants based on glucose and fatty alcohols of vegetable origin.


The all-purpose cleaner is offered in three fragrances and an unscented version.


Kitchen Cleaner 


Its purpose: An effective degreaser, adapted to the residues left behind on kitchen surfaces, ATTITUDE’s kitchen cleaner is ideal for counters and different cooktops and stovetops, including ceramic glass. It cuts through oily surfaces like a charm.


Its action: The kitchen cleaner contains the same surfactants as All Purpose Cleaner, plus lauryl glucoside (another surfactant). Their combination emulsifies grease and lifts cooking fats from surfaces. No water needed, you can only spray and wipe.


Window and Glass Cleaner 


Its purpose: High-performance spray cleaner that leaves no visible trace when cleaning your windows and mirrors. Spray on and then wipe off with a dry cloth for a sparkling finish. This cleaner does not contain any ingredient of concern according to the Environmental Working Group (just like the other cleaners from the range).


Its action: Contains non-ionic surfactants whose combination allows a quick action and zero streaks (thanks to the solvent-surfactant balance).


Bathroom Cleaner 


Its purpose: Safe on all bathroom surfaces: ceramic tiles, tubs, vinyl shower curtains, shower doors and toilet bowls.


Its action: The more acidic pH makes it easier to dislodge limescale. The bathroom cleaner contains citric acid, which makes it more soluble and quickly lifts mold and mildew, limescale and soap scum.


The bathroom cleaner is offered in Citrus Zest fragrance and also in Unscented.  


Daily Shower and Tile Cleaner 


Its purpose: This product was developed to eliminate and prevent soap scum and water stains from forming. Simply spray on after every shower for daily maintenance. No scrubbing, rinsing or wiping required! To remove accumulated soap residue, spray on and then remove excess with a squeegee or cloth.


Its action: The daily shower and tile cleaner contains sodium gluconate, a chelating agent that neutralizes water ions. This helps more easily remove soap scum and prevent limescale deposits.


Floor Surface Cleaner - Tile and Wood 


Its purpose: This product cleans all floor surfaces without leaving streaks. Dilute it with water for washing floors!


Its action: This cleaner is more concentrated than the other products since it is made to be diluted. This is also why it contains chelating agents.


4 tips for a healthier cleaning


Look for the following on the label:
  1. Mostly made from mineral and plant-based ingredients. ATTITUDE's surfactants are made of ingredients from vegetable sources (glucose and fatty alcohols).
  2. EWG VERIFIED, means that the products do not contain any ingredients deemed concerning by the EWG.
  3. Vegan and cruelty-free.
  4. Packaging made from recyclable materials, such as HDPE #2 plastic, which is the easiest to recycle.

Did you know?


On the Environmental Working Group’s website, there is a database (EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning) that assesses more than 2,500 cleaning products. Taking into account the product’s composition and the ingredients listed on the label, this rating system (with A being the safest and F being the most worrisome) helps consumers make informed choices based on the risks and concerns for human health and the environment.


All of ATTITUDE’s cleaning products are EWG VERIFIED, meaning the products meet EWG's strictest criteria for transparency and health


Happy cleaning!

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Written by Team ATTITUDE