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April 1, 2019Discover ATTITUDE’s new attitude

Explore our Wonder-full perspective.

Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Clean up. Wind down. Bed. Every day; wash, rinse, repeat. Sound familiar? Trapped in a routine, suddenly tomorrow becomes yesterday — and where did today go? When did we forget to stop and smell the flowers, literally? To look closer? To ask “Why?” just because we’re curious? Just because we can? When we spend our days in a daze, we miss out on all the beautiful moments that happen in our homes and environment. We’re on a journey to (re)discover the beauty in the mundane, nature’s marvels and the incredible mysteries that go unnoticed in our everyday lives. With a childlike sense of curiosity, it’s like experiencing the world for the first time — again. We at ATTITUDE call it Wonder-full Living. As we became more mindful of our surroundings, we grew skeptical of what we put in our homes and bodies. To find a better way, we questioned, experimented and discovered more. We wondered more. Because we aren’t just scientists — we’re imagineers, explorers and wellbeing warriors. #WonderFullLiving lets the world see us the way we see ourselves. It (re)awakens our senses, giving a greater awareness and appreciation of the everyday. When we open our eyes to the awe all around us, we not only become more attentive, but more aspirational. For us, wonder starts in our home: the ATTITUDE office! Living consciously is more than just our tagline, it’s part of everything we do — down to how we discover, design and deliver our products. Our lab is at the centre of our workspace because it is central to our operations. It's where we kick start our curiosity, get messy and try new things to develop natural products. But it doesn’t stop there: our factories use renewable energy, our bottles and boxes are recyclable, and even our packaging peanuts are biodegradable, compostable and water-soluble! Much like how we source and produce our products, our philosophy is circular: wonder inspires wellbeing and wellbeing inspires wonder. So join us! Not sure where to start? Wonder is already all around you. All you have to do is look closer, experiment more, and wonder like nobody’s watching! It’s about living and learning… or is it the other way around? Together, we can experience the world for the first time — every time. #WonderFullLiving
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Written by Team ATTITUDE