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October 6, 2021How to safely groom your pet at home?

Your dog has rolled in the mud, and you need to give him a quick bath? Your kitty needs a manicure, but you don't have time to go to the cat groomer?

If you are wondering if it’s possible to safely groom your dog or cat at home, the answer is yes. However, there are a few precautions that need to be taken.

Here are some tips related to canine and feline grooming that will help you complete each step of your four-legged best friend’s grooming ritual all by yourself.


Brushing your pet is the most important step in its care routine. You should do it every two to three days. When grooming a long-haired dog or cat, lift the hair, go up to the skin and brush its fur in sections. If needed, use a comb to detangle knots and a gentle, healthy shampoo or detangler such as ATTITUDE's Furry Friends™ Waterless Anti-Itching Detangling Spray.

Remember that fall and spring are shedding seasons! You may need to brush your pets more regularly during these seasons, so they don't swallow an excessive amount of hairballs.

safely groom pet at home


Ideally, to avoid injuries and broken curtains, you should trim your pets' claws every two weeks. But be careful! Don't cut them too short thinking you can avoid doing it next month. Trim only the tips of the nails using a quality nail clipper.

Tips for the reluctant?

Put your cat up high, on a counter for example, hold it by the neck and pet it under the chin.

And for your dog, use treats and compliments, "Good doggie, thank you so much for staying still!"

Also know that it's not necessary to trim all the nails at once: don't be afraid to take breaks as needed.

safely groom pet at home


Can you bathe a cat? It's not always easy, but it is possible (and good!) to give your cat a bath a few times a year. The earlier you start (from 6 weeks of age), the more he will get used to this ritual.

And... can you wash a cat with human shampoo? Absolutely not! Use a cat and dog shampoo free of ingredients of concern like Furry Friends™ Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo for Pets. This rule applies just as well to our dogs.

In any case, the key to washing your dog or cat is to stay calm. This will save you from several scratches, or worse, bites. Always make sure you brush your pet and trim its nails before putting it in the water. Don't get his ears wet to avoid infections. After bathing, dry it thoroughly, then clean its ears with a cotton ball. The experience should be pleasant so that he doesn't fear his next wash!

There are also dry shampoos for cats and dogs, ideal for those times when your pet doesn't feel like bathing at all, like ATTITUDE's Deodorizing Waterless Shampoo for Pets.

safely groom pet at home


If you decide to shave your pet yourself, make sure you have the right tools to do it. A combination of tangle hair, poor quality razor and a blunt blade can get you into trouble. Choose a clipper that's appropriate for your pet's hair type and get precision stainless steel cutting heads and easily replaceable blades.

When you're done clipping your cat or dog, you may need scissors to finish off its head, ears and legs. Choose round-tipped scissors and be very, very careful! Veterinary clinics deal with a lot of scissor cuts from people who just want to remove a stubborn knot!

Pro tip: In addition to being ergonomic and easy to handle, your clippers should ideally be quiet or not very noisy, so it won’t scare your pet.

safely groom pet at home

Because they're worth it

Like you, your pets deserve the best – from quality clippers to healthy, eco-friendly grooming products.

ortunately, ATTITUDE's Furry Friends™ line includes products like puppy and dog shampoo, detangling shampoo, conditioner and more that are truly free of any ingredients of concern. They are also hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free and made right here in Canada. Plus, they smell great... naturally! If your pet could talk, it would surely ask you for ATTITUDE products, which are specifically designed for them and for the planet.

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