Vitamin B5
October 1, 2022Vitamin B5

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One ingredient that benefits us all is vitamin B5. In skin care, it can soothe sensitive skin by improving moisture retention and suppleness. It is essential for keeping skin soft, smooth and healthy looking.

What is vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid, is present in most foods. This vitamin promotes the skin's resistance.

The benefits of vitamin B5

In the cosmetics industry, vitamin B5 is also known as provitamin B5. When applied to the skin, products containing this ingredient help protect the epidermis. Provitamin B5 also helps improve the hydrolipidic layer, allowing for better water retention and increasing the skin's suppleness. It is a must in routines for dull, tired and aging skin.

How to use vitamin B5

Like most vitamins, vitamin B5 is consumable in several forms. Vitamin B5 is used in oils and creams for the face and body. It's one of the key ingredients in the PHYTO-GLOW line.

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Vitamin B5 is particularly beneficial for skin types in need of some extra TLC.

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