Zinc oxide
May 2, 2023Zinc oxide

Did you know that zinc oxide is a naturally occurring mineral ingredient? People have been using it for centuries as a sun filter. Zinc oxide is a white, opaque powder that is insoluble in water.

What is Zinc oxide?

Zinc oxide is a chemical molecule composed of oxygen and zinc, whose chemical formula is ZnO. This substance is obtained by calcining zinc vapor and is utilized to produce a highly stable white pigment by heating it in the presence of air.

The benefits of Zinc oxide

Non-nano zinc oxide is one of the safest sunscreen according to the EWG. It provides a large spectrum protection to the skin and helps prevent sunburn. This ingredient does not penetrate the epidermis and stays on the surface while forming a protective barrier. It works by reflecting and dispersing UV rays.

It is common to find sunscreens with nano zinc oxide on the market since this form has smaller particles than non-nano zinc oxide. However, it is important to note that these tiny particles can be absorbed through the skin and even enter the bloodstream. This is why we do not use this form at ATTITUDE.

How to use Zinc oxide?

Non-nano zinc oxide (the one that does not penetrate the skin and is used by ATTITUDE) is the main active ingredient in sun protection. The use of this ingredient in our plastic free mineral sun sticks provides protection against UVA and UVB rays on the skin. It is also a key ingredient in our Baby Leaves diaper cream.

Zinc oxide in diaper cream helps prevent minor skin irritation caused by diaper rash. It protects skin damaged (or slightly irritated) by urine and excrement. It helps protect against the wetness that causes diaper rash by creating a waterproof barrier.

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