Blooming Belly™

Thanks to ultra-nutritious natural ingredients such as argan oil, our Blooming Belly™ range allows expectant mothers to pamper themselves from head to toe. From oil-elasticity to breastfeeding balm, as well as natural hair and body care, we promise you EWG VERIFIED™ products free of carcinogens, mutagens and endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Argani oil

A Precious Oil

For Radiant Skin

Lightweight, fast-absorbing and protective, Argan oil skin benefits are plentiful, especially during pregnancy. Boasting with anti-oxidants, vitamins and amino acids, this precious oil featured in our Blooming belly natural skin care products will improve your skin’s elasticity and protect against stretch.

Our EWG Promise

The Blooming Belly™product line is proudly EWG VERIFIED™. The Environmental Working Group’s standards help consumers make better informed decisions by opting for safe, natural products that have a minimal impact on our health.