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March 9, 2023Products you can trust with EWG VERIFIED™ safety seal

Every day we face thousands of micro-decisions. Some are straightforward, while others are just plain confusing! We wonder: Are there really chemical filters in my sunscreen? What makes my toothpaste minty green? What will my baby ingest if he licks my just-cleaned floor?

Somehow the more you question yourself about your personal care and cleaning products, the more complex it seems to get. But making these decisions are critical. So many products claim to be safe or healthy. But which ones are truly free of ingredients of concern? Some organisations and certifications such as EWG verified are here to help us find products that we can trust. You want to get past the hype and be sure you’re buying natural products.

We’re here to help you cut through the noise in your daily media feed, so you can make informed decisions without getting a PhD in social media nonsense.

Products you can trust with EWG VERIFIED™ safety seal packaging

Don’t sweat. There is a source you can rely on.

How many information sources are truly independent? Which organizations can you rely on to give you unbiased consumer safety information? Here are our three guidelines for finding a reliable source of consumer information:

  • Choose information sources that are not funded by advertisers or for-profit companies
  • Opt for advice that is based on scientific research
  • Look for established sources with an altruistic reason for informing consumers

The Environmental Working Group: Helping you cut through the noise

There is a source you can rely on to understand which ingredients and products are non-toxic and environmentally safe. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is an independent, non-profit organization that gathers and shares publicly available information to protect human health and the environment. One of the best things is that EWG’s information is free and publicly accessible online, searchable and easy to understand.

So you don’t have to be a scientist to understand EWG research: it’s intended for everyday consumers.

What does EWG do?

As an organization dedicated to consumer safety, EWG’s work is twofold. It puts pressure on the US government to regulate and ban harmful chemicals. And it carries out state-of-the-art research to help consumers know which products are safe and which are harmful to our health.

EWG publishes consumer guides that analyze ingredients in hundreds of thousands of consumer food items, cleaning supplies and care products.

Publicly available EWG publications include its Guide to Sunscreens, Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce and its Guide to Healthy Cleaning. Whether you’re looking for a safe shampoo list, the safest sunscreens or a list of non-toxic beauty brands or non-toxic household cleaners, EWG databases and articles analyze and rate almost every commercially available product.

A useful online database and the easy EWG app :

EWG Skin Deep® Database: Discover whether your favorite body care products are safe for everyday use. More than just a list of safe cosmetics brands, here you can find out exactly what’s in each and every commercial product you put on your body.

The EWG Cosmetics Database analyzes and rates the safety of more than 70,000 skincare products from over 2,000 brands based on EWG research on their toxicity and environmental impact. EWG Healthy Living App: Stay informed while you shop using a mobile app that scans and verifies the safety of more than 120,000 commercially available food and personal care products.

The Healthy Living App relies on EWG databases to share the rating of a scanned product and recommend a healthier choice.

EWG VERIFIED™: a renowned safety seal

As a savvy consumer, you’ve noticed that every product on the market carries at least one, and often several, safety seals. Each is meant to make us feel confident in choosing products. Yet, no one has time to research all these seals: Are they relevant? What do they mean? And how do you know which seal to trust? Imagine if you could rely on one safety seal to tell you that the product you are buying is free of harmful ingredient!

The EWG VERIFIED™ seal identifies products and brands made of ingredients that have met EWG’s rigorous health and safety criteria. For a product to be EWG VERIFIED™, its manufacturer must submit a significant amount of information about every ingredient the product contains, including ingredients not listed on the label.

Manufacturers must be fully transparent and they need to make sure that all manufacturing processes meet EWG criteria. Then, EWG checks each ingredient against its extensive database. In our opinion, any manufacturer who does the work needed to join the list of EWG certified companies shows an exceptional commitment to transparency and product safety.

Thanks to the authority and persistence of EWG’s research, a growing number of brands are choosing to develop worry-free body care and household products to their customers.

Products you can trust with EWG VERIFIED™ safety seal ingredients

What does it take to be EWG VERIFIED™?

To be EWG VERIFIED™, every product must:

  • Score green (1 or 2 on a scale of 10) in EWG's Skin Deep® Database (note that the lower your EWG score, the safer your product)
  • Not contain any ingredients on EWG’s Unacceptable list
  • Disclose all ingredients and follow standard ingredient naming guidelines
  • Follow EU naming guidelines for fragrance allergens and nanomaterials in cosmetics
  • Be produced according to current good manufacturing practices
  • Pass basic microbial tests for low risk of contamination

The list given is not exhaustive and the current standard can be consulted at any time on EWG's website.

Our mission is deeply aligned with EWG’s values. This is why all our products meet EWG criteria.

When you purchase products that meet these rigorous criteria, you can be confident you have opted for the best green cleaning products and body care brands on the market.

ATTITUDE Super leaves™ unscented products


The EWG VERIFIED™ seal covers cosmetics and body care products only and therefore currently does not include household cleaning products. Most of our ATTITUDE body care products are now EWG VERIFIED™, while our household products are among the best non-toxic cleaning products. They are rated green in the EWG database.

When it comes to ensuring ATTITUDE body care products are safe for people of all ages and sensitivities, we leave nothing to chance. Among our body care products, the Super leaves™, Sensitive Skin and Blooming belly™ lines display the EWG VERIFIED™seal.

What’s more, ATTITUDE’s Sensitive Skin body care products for adults and babies have the lowest and best rating in EWG’s Skin Deep® database. Top-rated ATTITUDE products in the EWG Database include all our Sensitive Skin household and body care products.

ATTITUDE Sensitive Skin Shower gel

EWG VERIFIED™: Empowering consumers to make healthy choices every day

EWG was founded with the goal of empowering all of us to live healthier lives without worrying about the products we use every day in our homes and on our bodies.

Thanks to EWG’s rigorous scientific methodology, you can rest assured that you are making the safest choices for you and your family. At ATTITUDE, we’re proud to work hand-in-hand with an independent, trusted organization such as EWG.

Researchers at EWG share our commitment to transparency about what’s inside the products we use every day on our bodies in our homes.

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